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    Welcome To Smart Home Solar Energy Solutions

    Smart Home Solar Energy Solutions is a Professional Engineering firm engaged in business of Renewable Power Projects. We provide full End-to-End solutions of all Solar Energy for Residential, Commercial and Industrial sector. We have a dedicated team of Renewable professional Experts in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Finance and Management. Being a premium Solar Energy System Solutions provider in Kerala, we focused to provide customer satisfaction and support by Supplying word class technology products with superior Technical Specifications.

    The company started by us after acquiring years of experience in Renewable energy field especially in System design, Estimation, Erection and Commissioning.

    Trust the Sun

    Save Money Everyday

    Avoid Power Outages

    Long-time warranty and low maintenance

    Why Solar Energy

    Solar as a Secure Investment

    Solar systems provide pollution free energy for more than 25 years with minimal maintenance. Experts consider solar projects as one of the safest investment instrument due to high reliability of solar modules.

    Save Money Everyday

    Installing solar panels on your home, Office or Industrial shed helps you to earn money by reducing your electricity bill. Governments across the world are giving tax breaks and feed-in tariffs to promote green energy.

    Solar Energy and the Environment

    Investing in solar combats greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuel. Going green protects our future generation from toxic pollutants.

    Our Vision & Mission


    Becoming a leading provider of affordable, innovative & high quality renewable energy solutions and services to the Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Consumers in India.


    To provide superior quality and innovative renewable energy solutions to help consumers overcome the difficulty of getting reliable power at affordable costs. Provide continuous value to customers through excellence in customer service and fast response times. Become transparent and trustworthy, to our customers.

    Why Us

    Well-equipped and certified professionals having vast experience in the Renewable Energy field.
    Separate teams for Design, Installation and servicing with adequate experience.
    Well aware of the process flow.
    Dedicated teams for after sales support.

    Power System Types

    On Grid power system

    On-grid solar systems are very cost-effective and easy to install.
    Excess electricity generated during day-time can be exported to the utility
    Residential users and business owners can earn a passive income for the surplus energy generated by the system.

    Off Grid Power system

    Independent power generation and uninterrupted supply. Off Grid Solar energy systems are reliable for outage situation as these systems store energy and always ready for potential disasters. You don’t have to pay for electricity costs anymore, and you’re also 100% insured against rising energy prices. Although the initial cost for an off-grid solar system is high, the low monthly rates and low maintenance costs make up for it in the long run.


    Our Services


    Solar Photovoltaic system


    Solar Home Lighting System

    Solar module
    DC Bulbs and DC Fan

    BLDC Fan

    Atomberg Ceiling Fan
    Pedestal Fan
    Wallmount Fan

    Solar Lights

    Solar pillar light
    Street light
    Garden light
    Motion Sensor light

    Solar Water Heater

    HyCon Water Heater

    Solar Power System Connection Accessories

    Charge Controllers, Junction Boxes
    Cable Connectors, DC Cables
    Disconnectr, SPD Fuses
    Mounting structures

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